By Richard Hsu
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Last Day at Mindteck :-(

I don't know why, but I hate to leave jobs, yet I have changed jobs too frequently for my own good. What did I do here whole day ?

browsing the net, what else, catching up on my blog/article reading. Plus, I managed to setup free web hosting for a techie group called Kolkatanet that I am part of, also setup a private discussion group in Yahoo groups, (I am not linking them here cause I don't want this blog to come up too in public). Life changes again tomorow onwards, as I will be unemployed and (hopefully) relaxing for next few days till the 9th, I am very excited about the digital camera I'll be buying before I travel to Shillong for Edmund's (friend & brother-in-law) engagement. We'll see some photos then.. Hope and pray that BDTech is where I will settle down for a while..