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Aquaman Without Coffee

4K Monitor (Enable DisplayPort 1.2, Disable DDC/CI)


Fly Hacking and Dragons


Excuse for Not Eating

How to Disney



Ode to Joy


Toronto Maple Leafs

No Smoking

Waiting to Pay

They Said It


Jelly Bean Joe

Canada Is in the War Business

A Lengthy Reboot


World Cup of Hockey: NA vs. Russia

Home Made Static Site Generator

When a Mistake Sounds So Right

Instructions From the Wife

Instructions From the Wife

Instructions From the Wife

Instructions From the Wife

Artist Series :: Alexey Titarenko

LG TV (Model 55LF6000)


Lesson in Photography: Using Shutter Priority

Cooler Than Cool

The Tunnel of Time by R K Laxman

Parenting Is an Art

Being Sick

It's Like the Winter Classic

The Polar Express


I Gave in and Had It


How to Get Two-Factor Authentication (2-Step Verification) Working in Mac Mail


Link Clearance

Hanx Writer

Story From Sunday Mass: Junk Collector

You Just Type

The Beautiful Game


E Ink

Karate on My Mind


SpongeBob Squarepants at Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

Acer Laptop Cleanup


Sybase: Where Clause in Derived Table

- (Hyphen) and – (Dash) Are Not the Same

Programming Is Not for the General Mass.


Mayor of Toronto

Chicken Curry

Favourite Radio Station: CBC Radio One 99.1 FM

Installing Nodejs & Npm on Ubuntu 13.10

Sherwood Shed

How to Convert Images to Line Art

Best Burger Ever

Government of Canada Planning to Reject 280,000 Skilled Worker PR Applications

Removing Useless Preloaded Applications From Asus Laptop

Inverted Attire

Aiden Learns to Cycle

Ubuntu 11.04

Victoria Memorial at Bing Today

American Idol 2011

Magnotta Pronounced as 'Beer'

American Idol 2010


At Last, I Get the Bokeh Machine

Outsourcing Website Infrastructure

India Taste

10 Things I Like

Procrastinating on the Home Cleaning? Invite Guests Over!

Story of a 33 Year Old Child

Growing Up as a Father

April 2009 Montreal - Day 1

Gadget Wishlist

Seeing My Son Leave

Year 2007 Resolutions

Having a Good Day

Procrastinating Gloriously

A Week Gone By.. And I Am Still Boring..

First Day at at the Big Apple

A Different Dinner: Sausage, Soup, Garlic Bread and Potatoes

French Open 2006 - Men's Final - Nadal Denies Federer the Ultimate Achievement. Again.

Soccer Mania

Norco Rio Vista

Life in Canada, Just Like Everything in Life, Has Good, Bad and Ugly

The One Thing That Really Sucks in Canada

Merry Christmas '05

The Sun Teases Me

Winter Is Here

I Saw Snow

4 Things That Could Make You a Super Worker


Moved In

Tim Hortons Coffee

Nothing Is Really Work Unless..

Hearing Sideways

(No Title)

(No Title)

An Ideal Computer Room


iPod Mini - Just One Week Savings - At Min. Pay

Music Moves the World..

What's This ? Why Just a Minute ?


The People of God's Own Country

Giving Up the Laptop

Still Struggling With Self-Discipline

Indian Chinese and 1962

Don't Criticize if Its Not Constructive

Testing Blog Posting via Email

Ready to Cross Over Seas, Coutries and Continents

My First Real Experience With a Laptop

Funny Chinglish

I Am a Vagabond

6 Digits

In the Autumn of Life

Train Back Home

Its All About Attitude

Photo - Lunar Eclipse

The Joy of Reading Stories

A Tale of Two Blogs

Simple Joys of Life - Cherished Memories

Change Is the Only Constant

Joel's Way of Saying 'Freak Out'

Moving Melody

Kodak EASYSHARE DX6490 Camera

"The Sex & Cash Theory" by Hugh Macleod

Another Weekend Alone

Settling Down at Work

Back in God's Own Country

Flying Experience

View in a Rectangle

Last Day at Mindteck :-(

Few More Days to Go...

New Blog for Non-Tech Stuff I Want to Write About