By Richard Hsu
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Aiden Learns to Cycle

Today, on the 3rd day of trying, Aiden was able to cycle himself on two wheels. On the 2nd day, he was able to balance a little which was encouraging but was not able to pedal and ride by himself. He was able to ride by himself about 30 feet towards the end of today's attempt. Caroline and I enjoyed watching him balance and pedal by himself first a little bit and then a little more and more. We are both proud of him for achieving this small but significant milestone in his life. I still remember the first day he wanted to try without the side training wheels and struggled a lot eventually giving up. When he finished, he told me to put the training wheels back on and did not seem happy when I said it cannot be put back on and that he cannot give up and have to try and try again. On the 2nd day (after a gap of few days) he was willing to try again without the training wheels and  I remember him telling me many times that he cannot give up. Although he did struggle again, he was able to go very short distances by himself and balance a little. While I could see him improving, it came as a pleasant surprise to me today when he finally got it.

Look forward to cycling with him soon around the neighbourhood.