By Richard Hsu
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Simple Joys of Life - Cherished Memories

I was creating nero disc images of the three VCDs of my wedding today, when I opened the second CD to view it. It brought back memories, happy ones, of my wedding day. That part was showing us about to start serving tea to everyone young and old.. forwarded it a little bit and it reached a point where we were asked to kiss and were posing for the photographer, then there was this huge demand for me to carry her. :-)

My heart gives a million thanks to Michael Huang, a friend who volunteered to video our wedding with his personal video camera for free. We had [stupidly] thought of cutting cost and not opting for a professional video guy. If Michael had not done it, I wouldn't have any today. On hind sight, we should have had Peter Shu [an excellent pro and friend's dad] video our wedding also. I think I asked him only two days before, he was already booked for that day :-( [stupid me]. Anyways, Michael was God sent [God has always covered for my stupidity] and he did a decent job of it.

So many friends, relatives, neighbours etc. were present and it was so nice of everyone to have come and attended. I realised how ugly and stupid I look [thank God, Caroline liked/ignored my face]. It was an all happy occassion for everyone. I can't believe I went through all that with Caroline and me at the centre of it all. I am a shy person and now when I think about it, I managed ok.

Its nearing 2 years now.. we're getting along, working things out.