By Richard Hsu
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Hearing Sideways

While one queues up for the small-double-double coffee at Tim Horton's every morning, one can't help but overhear things other people say.

Two interesting 'quotes' I overheard :-

Case 1:
A lady to a guy - "I trust him only as far as I can spit"
This one is new to me. She basically meant that she didn't trust 'him' at all. The expression was different and 'yucky'.

Case 2:
A guy to another guy - "I couldn't sleep last night because it was too hot"!!!!!???

Did I hear him correct ? "too hot", while we were all dressed up in jackets. Yesterday's weather was between 13 degrees Celsius and 7 degrees Celsius [normally the min. temperature-7 degrees is at night, when everybody tries to sleep]. I suspect, most people, like me, in the Greater Toronto Area was under thick blankets last night while this gentleman was sweating sleepless!! Man, is everything in the world relative, cold for one is hot for another [maybe he is the only 'another' amongst the millions of Toronto residents :-)]