By Richard Hsu
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iPod Mini - Just One Week Savings - At Min. Pay

The advantage of living in a developed country like Canada can be illustrated by how long one takes to save up for an iPod mini. A guy i know recently bought an iPod mini from Apple.com for about Canadian$ 260. How long does it take to save C$ 260 ?

The official minimum salary is about C$ 8 per hour. So you are guaranteed to get C$ 8 per hour or more. Most people get more. Still, say you get C$ 8/hour for 40 hours a week [which again is standard], you end up with C$ 320!!, of course you have to subtract taxes etc.

Even at the maximum [30%], at minimum salary, one can save C$ 224 a week. With this, one can buy a reconditioned iPod mini for C$ ~190 OR work one more day and buy a brand new iPod mini from Apple.com.

I don't think there is much to say about, by Indian minimum salary standards, how long would it take to save up for iPod mini [Rs. ~11,000 according to eBay India].

No. I am not buying one [I am unemployed right now, so I can only save C$ 0.00]