By Richard Hsu
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A Week Gone By.. And I Am Still Boring..

Its one week now in Manhattan. A week of many firsts. The hotel room I am lodged in is on
the 36th Floor! Its the highest in terms of altitude I have stayed in. I saw the Statue of
Liberty for the first time (from the shores of Manhattan). First time I am staying in a four
star hotel for more than a day. Crowne Plaza on Broadway near Time Square is a fine hotel.
Had the most expensive steak of my life (I did learn a few things about steak but don't
remember enough to write about). Using wireless internet for the first time.

I bought a tripod today from J&R at Broadway & Ann St. near City Hall Park. Look forward to
making night photos of Brooklyn bridge and Time Square.

Food ? I had good Steak, Italian(pizza, pasta, meatballs, grill chicken & salad), Chinese
(Szechuan-style prawn with peccan/Ginger chicken with vegetables), Indian(fish curry, Rajma,
aaloo mattar on rice and one naan), Thai(Pad See-Ew), Vietnamese (the ever delicious noodle
soup) and Mexican(Carnitas Burrito). Of course I had to have the street special (Shish Kebob
on bun) and breakfast and coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts and Startbucks. OK, so I mentioned
Steak as if it was a country but then I am not sure how else to classify it.

While I made a conscious decision of not going to the same restaurant more than once, I
didn't realise that I had food from so many different countries!

I have plans to visit at least 4 places this weekdend and make photos. Lets hope the weather is suitable.

(My interest in writing has declined and it shows. I don't spend enough time thinking and rewriting. This boring blog is another sign that I need to refocus my energies on being more lively)