By Richard Hsu
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Life in Canada, Just Like Everything in Life, Has Good, Bad and Ugly

Asked by a geek-friend about like in Canada, here is what I came up with :-

Life in Canada, just like everything in life, has good, bad and ugly.
  • I can attend 3 webcasts and get Visual Studio 2005 [Standard Edition], an ASP.NET 2.0 book all for free!! [this offer is only available in US and Canada, so can't apply from India, but you can still attend the webcasts]
  • Anybody in Canada can buy an iPod mini with just one week's pay or the all new Intel Core Solo powered Apple Mini with 2-weeks of work, any work.
  • A month of 6 mbps Hi-Speed internet connection can be paid with only half a days pay, again doing any job.
  • You can choose to work just half a day or a just a day and get paid only for that. You can find plenty of half a day or Saturday only jobs if you want.
  • Eating at McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken is like eating deem-bhaji-thaali. Eat it everyday if you are the thin kind [which you are Neo :-) ]
  • C$ 1 == INR 38!!
  • People who drive buses or collect garbage earn more than most executives.


  • I don't write code for money, so you spend 8 hours everyday doing something you would NOT do for free.
  • I miss the outdoors due to the cold and snow
  • I eat too much fast food, because I can.
  • I am in danger of loosing my Indian accent and decent english.
  • I see too much flesh all around [often within touching distance] ;-).


  • I miss home and everyone at home.
  • Last but not the least, I miss Kolkatanet and all the geek friends like you.

But life changes fast and so will my list of Good/Bad but I am afraid Ugly will remain Ugly for some years at least.