By Richard Hsu
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SpongeBob Squarepants at Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

Few weeks ago, I was walking around in downtown Tlaquepaque(Mexico) with Enrique and SJ. Outdoor weather was good, there were many others walking around and enjoying the evening. We walked past a coffee shop that had a lady singer and two guys on guitars performing outside. At first, my attention went to the singer who was singing an english song without any microphone. Her voice was powerful and you could hear it clearly 50 steps away. She finished her song and was taking a break, we continued walking and then I heard the guy on electric guitar play the SpongeBob squarepants background tune. I recognised it right away, turned around and noticed the guitar player smiling while he was playing it. He was having fun and I had a smile too thanks to him. My young friends walking with me did not recognise it (they don’t have kids yet) so I educated them about SpongeBob.

At this point, what I should have done is walked back to the guitar player and let him know that I got it, that what he did just now meant something to me, it made me smile, it made me think of my kids (especially my son who watched a lot of SpongeBob), that the already nice evening I was having got nicer because of it… but I kept on walking on. Very un-cool of me.