By Richard Hsu
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April 2009 Montreal - Day 1

View from St Paul Hotel

This is my 4th visit to stylish city of Montreal, Quebec in less than a year. My liking for the city keeps increasing with every visit. The buildings, the people, the language, there is something in it that makes me want to spend more time here.

What did I eat? Philly Cheese Steak medium sized pizza. The guy who took my order turned out to be from Bangldesh and, as has happened a lot, he is surprised to know that I am from India and can speak bengali!

We had a good conversation in bengali mostly about me and what I was doing in Montreal. I asked him if he knew a good bangladeshi restaurant closeby and he introduced me to Maharaja at the intersection of "Rue Guy" and "Rene Levesque Boulevard". Will try that out for dinner tomorrow as I have not had Bangadeshi/Bengali food for a while now.

The medium pizza was tasty but more than I could eat. I went though the first two slices nicely but ate only the steak parts of the rest of the slices, regrettably wasting a lot. Even though I did not consume it all, my stomach now feels heavy and over expanded after a glass of water.

The hotel I am staying at(3rd time now) is "St. Paul". Compared to the other hotels I have had the privilege of staying at, this one is the best in terms of its stlying. Its also the cheapest. When you enter your room, you will hear classiical music playing on the radio and the overall lighting and design and layout of things is perfect.

While I cannot wait to be back at home in Toronto, this week should go well in Montreal.