By Richard Hsu
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Another Weekend Alone

Last weekend, I managed to go to Bangalore and spend it there with Paul (my cousin brother) and Lily (cousin sister) and her family (Jason, his friend Steven and parents). It was nice although the whole big thing about Bangalore being this and that is in my opinion overstated. The best thing (as I have realised) about any place is the people. By that measure, obviously Kolkata is the best place :-)

Anyways, I am not going to Bangalore again this weekend so I will spend the weekend alone here in Kochi. Its about 10 mins since the last of the office fellows have left and now I am alone. When I was back home, I always wanted space, personal time, and indeed at times I would just shield myself from everything and just be lost. But now, I crave family and home.

Life is strange,
when its hot, want cold,
when its cold, want hot,
always wanting what is not.

Don't have plans for the weekend other than, wash underwear and try to get Caroline's school program running again. I have got Jackie Chan's movie Shanghai Nights dumped in one of the pcs, so that should give me about 1.5 hours of entertainment and hopefully inspiration to work hard with determination.

Will try to do some work for a change in weekends too.