By Richard Hsu
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Acer Laptop Cleanup

A friend’s Acer laptop was slow and she asked me to look into it. The approach I took is similar to the one for Asus but since this was Acer, I had to do research on Acer specific ‘bloatware’/‘crapware’.

Microsoft sells computers with the “Signature Experience" that comes without any ‘bloatware’/‘crapware’ (what they call 'junk ware'/'trialware'). If you are buying a new Windows computer, I recommend Microsoft Store.

Below is a partial summary of work done to get Windows 7 working responsively again.

Work done

  1. Reset Internet Explorer
  2. Reset Google Chrome
  3. Make Google Chrome default
  4. Setup Power button to Hibernate instead of Shutdown (to reduce startup time)


  • Acer Backup Manager
  • Bing Bar
  • Rogers Online Protection (subscription service)
  • Rogers Servicepoint Agent
  • Norton Online Backup
  • MyWinLocker Suite
  • Acer Registration
  • eBay

Microsoft Security Essentials & run a Quick scan.

Finally, I reviewed logs and investigated and resolved the errors. One of these was a DHCP error which was causing the Wireless connections at startup to run very slow. I disabled the unused Intel Wireless Display network components and this was resolved.

What I started but could not complete:
Spinrite maintenance (would have taken days to scan 700GB)

What I should have done but missed:

Other resources:
Acer Driver website: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers Website with info about Acer programs: http://shouldiremoveit.com