A Lengthy Reboot

By Richard Hsu
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What Happens After Death?

I have wondered.

As I get news of the death of another person in my father's generation, it tells me nature is slowly turning over the page for their generation, which means that my generation is next.

The most painful part is you don't get to meet them again. They are no longer part of your life, and you are no longer part of theirs.

My catholic faith tells me after death, the soul departs and stands in judgment. Depending on how we live our lives, we go to heaven, hell, or purgatory (pre-heaven). Hindus and Buddhists have different ideas of death and the existence of an afterlife.

We are all humans first, so I find it hard to believe there are different ways depending on your faith. If anyone actually came back from death and wrote a book or did a podcast, I would be happy to revise my thinking.

We have one life, and when it's over, it is over. We don't exist anymore. There is no soul, no consciousness, and we don't go anywhere. There is no "me" anymore. That's what I think.

Imagine billions of dead people hanging around in some "place"! I can't see God, who created day and night and seasons, keeping all of them around forever. It doesn't even include all other living things like dead dinosaurs.

When I think of life and death, I rewatch two videos.

First is Steve Jobs's Standford University Commencement speech, where he shared three stories from his life.

The second is Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. The ending makes me cry every time I watch it.

When its not winter, I go for walks, bicycling to the nearby cemetery. It is a pleasure to read the short stories and quotes on tombstones. I forgot the stories and the quotes, so it is time for another walk to the cemetery.

What is the meaning of life?