By Richard Hsu
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Moved In

First evening at the apartment. I am tempted to say 'new' apartment as its a totally new experience for us but the apartment is housed in a fairly old building, in fact, it was occupied by some people before us and we can safely assume many more before them. My uncle Lawrence was kind enough to help us carry all the furniture and belongings and also arrange for his friend to bring his truck for moving the stuff. Dennis [Tseng] had moved quite a lot of things already last night into the garrage. Dennis is a genuinely nice guy and one of few people who can sit and have a long chat with Caroline & myself. The stuff we moved in with includes a double bed, a cupboard, a side cupboard, a Sony TV, a really good computer table, a table with 2 chairs, a sofa, 2 phones [one cordless with answering machine], toaster and many many more things which I am able to mention, all given to us by Yun Hua Khew & Khew mei & family. When we finished loading everything into the truck and was saying good bye to Yun Hua Khew & Khew Mei, all of us had tears in our eyes. That says it all. Caroline does get emotional but I hardly do and yet I couldn't help myself when Ah Khew was about to give me a good bye hug. We have been provided with the best of house to stay in when we landed here in Canada, the best of food, cooked by Khew Mei, all the support which all meant that we never had to face any discomfort and felt right at home. May God bless their family and provide us an opportunity in future to be useful to them as well.