By Richard Hsu
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Music Moves the World..

Today, as per the request of Caroline's aunt, we compiled and burned a few cds, some of the tunes were from my own collection [thank you Mr. Manaktala], some I downloaded [thank you lmwr].

As a typical geek, distraction from geek stuff irritates me. I was setting up Gemini Bug Tracking on Sql Server 2005 and had hit a few problems [problem == challenge] while Caroline was busy selecting and searching the songs to put into the compilation. But, the aunt in question is scheduled to leave day after and that meant I couldn't procrastinate any more. So some effort was initiated at building up a few CDs with instrumentals [from my collection], some Cliff Richard's popular hits and few popular songs.

When I put one of the compiled CD in the audio system [Technics, multi speaker, surround], it played and we were treated to songs which brought a smile to Aunt's face. She was on the phone with her son and she put the phone near the speaker to let her son hear it!! It was gratifying to see her happy with this little effort of ours and thats what this blog is about [in case, you were wondering].

Now I am happy that I did the Cds. Its simple little things like this that makes life worth living. It has made me positive and a little more lively [being jobless has supressed most of my humor for quiet sometime now].

Music is great. Check out Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble performed a concert at Orchestra Hall.