By Richard Hsu
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A Different Dinner: Sausage, Soup, Garlic Bread and Potatoes


I 'arranged' the dinner tonight, the word 'arranged' is being used instead of 'cooked' or 'bought' because it was neither fully cooked by me nor was all of it bought pre-cooked.

Anyways, here is what I did:

Visited Sobeys nearby and bought the following:-

a) Parisienne Potatoes [large size 258 grams] - Ready to eat

b) Campbell's vegetable condensed soup [one can]

c) Villaggio Italian style garlic bread.

A friend Barabara had bought us 3 Kosher Lazor Louisiana Style chicken sausages [also from Sobeys] last week when she visited. The sausage was to be the piece de resistance.

So I boiled the sausaged in a pan and then pan fried it in very little oil [under the watchfull direction of Caroline]

Then cooked the soup by slowly adding water and stirring it gently [hard work!]

Dinner is served! :-)

[have not been making photos of late and it shows]