By Richard Hsu
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Gadget Wishlist

I have been eyeing a few things for a while now, first a Digital SLR and now a Music System. I did buy the camera(Nikon D40) but returned it unused. The price dropped to $429 at Blacks and I just could not resist it. The thought of that amount in my credit card bill was enough to make me pack it again and head back to the store to return it. Its still in my mind(especially now that Nikon has an "affordable" 35/1.8 for DSLRs)

The other thing that I have recently started wishing is a surround audio system to go with the 46" LCD. There was a good deal at Futureshop last Saturday(Polk Audio RM6880 5.1 speakers + Yamaha 6130 receiver for $499.99) which ran out of stock by the time I called to check. Just as well, as I realised later that the small surround speakers will work well for movies but it might not satisfy me for music hearing(listening to FM radio is a regular source of my entertainment). So I will probably buy a pair of bookshelf speakers to start with and add more later to complete the surround sound system. Lets hope I get a sizable refund when I do my taxes next week.

The above two are the ones that I have thought the most about, but they are not the only gadgets in my list. There is the Apple iMac which I hope to buy in 2-3 years from now when my current desktop will become ancient and I will finally switch out of Windows. I have been thinking about a NAS device recently as my current storage reaches 90% usage levels.

Ah. Too much desires but not enough $$$ to satisfy them yet. I will wait.