By Richard Hsu
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Train Back Home

Just a few hours more and I'll be on my way back home, back to Kolkata. Last time I left, I had no idea I would come back to this beautiful city, yet when I arrived I had no idea I would be leaving it so soon, indeed it has be short but with lots of memories. My heart is a little heavy right now. Don't know where the train of life will take me.

I maybe returning soon, or maybe not for a long long time. Either way, it will not be the same.

Bijus just reached India today and before leaving for his home town, he gave me a farewell hug, both of us have a lot of things to say, we had a lot of plans for our company, it seems I'll not be playing my part fully this time. I could sense a little sadness in him as he could in me, he has been a great friend, still, my only mentor, still, the only manager I am totally happy with. I wish I could have done more. I disappoint him and our company in many ways, yet I have no option.

The security fellow Ramesh will drop to the station and help me get my luggage on the train. He has been a great help to me. Although we hardly understand each other's language, we have been able to communicate.

I must also mention my colleagues Bert Thomas and Deepu Sreedhar, they have also helped me feel at home.