A Lengthy Reboot

By Richard Hsu
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Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens Quotes

I have been an on-and-off fan of Mark Wiens’ food videos. Last summer, the wife and I watched every video in the Round the World Trip for Food playlist, where he travelled to nine cities in Asia, Europe, and the US in about a month. He started in Bangkok, then Mumbai, Muscat, Istanbul, Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, Lisbon, New York City, Hong Kong, and back to Bangkok.

We watched one video a day, so it took us weeks to watch all 39 videos. It had all things we like about his videos: We travelled virtually to new places with him and learnt about the food in those places, but what I enjoyed the most is his description of the food, the eating experience, and his expressions as he tastes them (sometimes, when I enjoy the food, I copy his signature head tilt too).

When I give a spoonful of rice to my kids, my mouth opens up as well. I have noticed this with others too. If I enjoyed watching him travel and eat, imagine how it would be doing it in person. His videos make me hungry for food and travel, especially to places like Thailand where I haven’t been. Before the pandemic, we had plans to visit Europe for 2020, and I had plans to visit India in 2021. It has been long.

Anyways, back to Mark Wiens. My son Aiden was watching a Mark Wiens video with us one day. Aiden also has a YouTube channel where he shares videos of him playing video games with his friends, including live commentary. I asked him to work in Mark Wiens’s quotes in his next video. He agreed. So I wrote down all the interesting Mark Wiens quotes from the video we were watching.

These are the quotes:

  • Say Hello
  • This is a huge production
  • Almost ridiculous
  • Oh, Wow!
  • So good
  • That’s the life-changer right there
  • Amazing Day
  • Oh, that’s good too
  • Ultimate Best
  • Unbelievable
  • Awesome
  • Oh, Man!
  • Get ready
  • That will change your life
  • That’s style man
  • Loosen the belt
  • Incredibly Special Day
  • I am going to take you and me to ____
  • In the basket
  • That is all you can ask for
  • Oh, that’s insane
  • That’s a game-changer
  • That’s absolutely incredible
  • Things are really starting to heat up
  • I can’t wait
  • Absolutely insane

To help Aiden work these into his commentary while playing Minecraft, my daughter Adele and I wrote these into pieces of paper and showed him one by one. He did manage to improvise all of them into his video, but many got cut in the editing.

Watch it yourself and see if you can figure them out. Enjoy!