By Richard Hsu
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Flying Experience

ok, I didn't fly. but I travelled from Guwahati to Kolkata in an air plane. Caroline and I boarded a Sahara air plane today on our journey back from Shillong (there is lot I want to say about the Shillong trip, but via another post). This is the second time I am travelling in air but I was a small kid the first time around and can't remember anything, so effectively this is the first air travel experience for me !!

I wish I had something to write on while I was looking out of the window. I was looking at this amazing scene and all sorts of words and descriptions were going through my head. Lets see if I can describe what, according to me, it looked like, It was as if we were above a desert of clouds, or snow, like the atlantic - full white, in the distance I could see the powerful orange light of the sun and around it was like a river of gold flowing down, or rather oasis of gold. Prior to all this, I could see the landscape of Assam's fields and river Saraighat (I guess it was that), like those we see in Discovery channel.

I marvel at technology, technology that enables me to reach from one place to another in about an hour whereas using the train it takes about 20 hours. Huge difference. Yes, I had those often described as 'near-vomit' feelings as the plane was taking off but its not really a problem. What engineering must have gone inside the plane to make it fly flawlessly. Makes me want to work harder and learn more.