By Richard Hsu
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First Day at at the Big Apple

A few years ago, I saw and ad on TV which says that if you stood at New York's Time Square long enough, you would see everyone in the world. Maybe my memory betrays me. Maybe it said that you will meet a person from every country or something like that. Either way, that is something I remember and it is good way to describe Times Square.

I spent most of the day at the hotel room watching TV and dozing off in between. Not a good way to spend my first day in New York City.

Food? had McDonald's for lunch near the office and a slice pizza with spinach & mushroom toppings, followed by rice pudding (half of which remains as I type this blog)

Back to Time Square. Huge posters, billboards, bright lights, lots of people taking photos and staring at various shops and people. The current biggest poster is that of "Press Play": current music album of Diddy. You also see ads of popular TV shows like S_x in the City.

After dinner, I took a walk along Broadway and had a chance to see the theatres and the stage plays currently on. The one I am interested in is "Mamma Mia" mainly for the live music of ABBA. The cheapest price is ~US$63 which is a deterrent.

I also had the pleasure of talking to a taxi driver from Bangladesh, travelled on the subway (TTC is better).

I forgot to pack my tripod with me so have not made many night photos. Lets see, maybe I will buy one here.

More tomorrow..