By Richard Hsu
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Back in God's Own Country

I left Kochi(Cochin), Kerala a few years back, deciding to settle back in Kolkata. To say the least, its been a very difficult ride for me since then career-wise, although things seems to have started on the upside when I joined MindTeck, again I was given an opportunity to come back here in Kochi and start another chapter in my short but very fragile career book. So here I am, again back in Kerala, back with some old friends, back to (hopefully) better financial times. The weather is good, better than Kolkata, and the place seems exactly like before. Only thing thats really changed is me and my job details. Last time I was here, I travelled in Sleeper Class train, this time, AC Train :-) . Last time I was surviving on a meagre 4500/- per month and eating plain dosa for dinner, now, well its much better.

When I actually reached here and was in the hotel room at night, I couldn't believe that I was actually away from home and in another place. Sometimes I find it difficult reconsiling with the current situation - that I am away from home, different place, different language, different food, different almost everything. Only when one is away does one realise what home really is. Its actually painful at times (I guess everyone who leaves home feels the same) but its better than last time around when I actually cried :(

I pray to God that he protects my family and wife Caroline. I think this is the first time I'll write in public that I really really miss her. If only she was with me, things would have been very different, I never realised this, but she is everything I need. Hopefully things will turn out better than last time and I'll get her here soon instead of me leaving and going back.