By Richard Hsu
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A Tale of Two Blogs

There are two non-tech blogs that I read often. One of them is by my friend Anita and another by Deepak Gulati, a Microsoft guy that I interacted with over email. Both of their blogs have one thing that draws me to them. You read things totally original. You read something which is very personal. Well, this blog of mine is also original & personal, but it is written in very simple [dry] english and there is nothing poetic. They have a natural gift for poetry, art and they are more sensitive than me. Anita's blog has more poetry while Deepak's has a lot of photos coupled with his detailed descriptions of his observations [he sort of operates at a very very low level in english language, he uses a lot of big words, the kind I get every day from 'A Word A Day'].

I am sure, their writings have influenced me in some manner small or big. I am not linking their blogs here cause I don't know if they would want me to.

Its been very enjoyable [brings some life into my geek world] so far and I pray that their pens [err. their keystrokes] keeps flowing [err. {no equivalent description for flowing}]. :-)