By Richard Hsu
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Mayor of Toronto

It is unfortunate that Rob Ford could be relected Mayor of Toronto in the Oct'14 elections.

Why is it unfortunate?

Would I trust him with decisions for the City of Toronto when he has demonstrated publicly his inability to filter out nonsense and lies?

The Mayor or Toronto is expected to lead counsillors, city staff and the people of the city in general but the way he handled Toronto Star's report on the video showing him smoking what appears to be crack(which he admitted after Police found the video) and subsequent embarrasements followed by (see References below) does not give me confidence that he will do a good job.

If not Rob Ford, then who?

Election day is 10 months away but if I had to vote today, I would vote for Karen Stintz because she is the only one among the declared candidates that I know of and it is more "No Rob Ford" than "Yes Karen Stintz" that is driving my thinking.

One thing is clear: If we don't have a popular single alternative to Rob Ford, then the "No Rob Ford" votes would split and he could end up with the most votes and get re-elected. That would be sad.

So, in the next 10 months leading to election day, I intend to educate myself about the candidates that are up for Mayor and a) make up my mind about who I will vote for and b) pass on information to others and help them make up their minds.

1. Toronto Star - A year in the life of Mayor Rob Ford, with apologies: DiManno (Search for "Bodishi!")