By Richard Hsu
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Magnotta Pronounced as 'Beer'

Aiden is learning his A, B, C... now. To test him and help him practise, I often ask him to spell words we see.

The other night, we had ice wine with dinner. The one we had was made by Magnotta. Pointing at the wine packaging, I asked Aiden to spell the word 'MAGNOTTA' (he has only learnt upper case). He goes 'M', 'A', 'G' (I was impressed as I had half expected 'C'), 'N', 'O', 'T', 'T', 'A' and then he says 'beer'!

This is typical of him where he associates all wine and alcoholic looking bottles with 'beer'. Another case, he spelled MONOPOLY correctly but pronounced it as McDonalds (we got the board game at McDonalds and it had the M logo and colour scheme).