By Richard Hsu
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Still Struggling With Self-Discipline

Every time I decide that I will not do any work at home, I end up working out of home. Unlike previous times, the arrangements at home for working is much better. But I am still the same, basically. So, inspite of everything working in my favour, I keep getting my priorities wrong and therefore I am still struggling to get any work done from home. Its cost me a lot financially. Still I don't seem to learn. I'll be taking a new place which is far from my present home, where [hopefully] I will be able to spend more time on work. I am taking on huge cost by moving to another place and time will tell if its justified.

I truly envy people who manage to work for a company for years and years. They gather a lot of experience and good will. In contrast, I have an attention span of a kid. Within a year, I get bored and demotivated, start looking for something else to do technologically. I've been lucky till now, but need to correct myself quickly. Else, I'll end up being talked about 'the kid had a lot of potential'.