By Richard Hsu
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I Saw Snow

Today, around 2pm at work, someone mentioned "its snowing" and my head turned to the window. It was not snowing as heavily as in winter, rather it was very light snow, called flurries [Caroline introduced me to this word]. Caroline aptly provided an analogy that this was like a snow drizzle. But I could see it, and it was beautiful, the opposite building's black colour provided an excellent background and contrast to it. I stopped whatever I was doing and went to the window. I told my colleagues nearby that I am seeing snow for the first time and they all smiled and were very happy for me. I remember seeing the white snow bouncing off the outer edge of the window and it was a nice sight. Someday soon, it will snow again and I will hope to make a photo of it. Better, I pray that God let everyone witness it personally.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..