By Richard Hsu
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French Open 2006 - Men's Final - Nadal Denies Federer the Ultimate Achievement. Again.

Woke up early today [Sunday] just to catch the final between Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal live. While it did turn out to be a decent game, the result was not exactly what I was cheering for.

I wanted to see a piece of history made today [Federer has won the last 3 majors, this would have completed a sort of 'grand slam' of all four majors in a row, something which has not happened for a long long time] but he had Rafael Nadal in his path and just could'nt get it done losing in 4 sets.

Its been at least a few years now since I last watched a tennis match end-to-end. Most of my tennis watching was during the Pete Sampras-Andre Agassi era. But the matchup between Federer & Nadal was one which got me back into watching.