By Richard Hsu
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At Last, I Get the Bokeh Machine

I finally got my first Digital SLR camera. As expected, it's a Nikon D40 body with the 35/1.8 DX lens. It does exactly what I wanted: Make good photos indoors with available light. But it has also started me on another more philosophical thing.

When I started making photos, my goal was to capture a moment in a frame, as is. No manipulation, no artistic touch (as if I have any). All these years, my goal has been to reproduce reality with photography. So the photographs I upload are exactly as it came from the camera (with cropping applied if needed). The bokeh, color and light I get with the DSLR makes the photograph look good but quite different from reality. This has got me thinking about the artistic aspects of a photography.

I'm not trying to reproduce nature. I encourage people to be creative. I personally use any sort of artificial anything I can to create the look I want. I'm expressing my imagination, not trying to duplicate reality. -- Ken Rockwell

So, this year, I will start to apply more than just cropping to "finish" my photographs.

Another thing I will do more is take photo of people rather than only things.