A Lengthy Reboot

By Richard Hsu
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Canadians (From India)

When WHO made Covid-19 a pandemic, the world started taking it seriously with lockdowns, social distancing etc.

Canada swiftly went into full lockdown mode while others took more time, and when they eventually did, people didn't cooperate.

I only know about three countries: Canada (where I live), India (where my parents and brothers live), and the US (because of the conman-who-was-president).

The population of Canada is 38 million, India is 1,374 million. For every person in Canada, you have 580 sq. meters of space. An Indian gets 50 sq. meters. [wikipedia]

India has 37 parties in the Lok Sabha, Canada's House of Commons has 5.

Indians are more social than Canadians. Things in Canada are more computerised, requiring less human interaction.

India makes Covid-19 vaccines; Canada doesn't. India doesn't have universal tax-funded healthcare like Canada.

You get the point.

I don't hear people in India complaining about Canadians, but I listen to people in Canada (mostly from India) complain about India's people.

First, it was about India not being effectively locked down, and then it was about people not social distancing, then about not wearing masks, then about the competency and pricing of the medical system, and now it will be about people in India being hesitant to take vaccines.

People in India are well equipped to decide on their own. They have their unique circumstances. If I sent one of those Canadians (from India) back, they would do the same as everyone else in India.

Of course, I think social distancing, wearing a mask, and vaccines are a good idea, but my father doesn't need me to tell him this. He never asked.

The day I can give him a glass of water and be there for him in person, I will provide him with unsolicited advice on how to take care of himself.