By Richard Hsu
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Ready to Cross Over Seas, Coutries and Continents

unlike last time, i had no problems with immigration, the official asked me my name, father's name, where am i going, why am in going there and then stamp, stamp and away i go, a little progress than last time around.

i have gone through security check also, sitting in Sify's iWay waiting for the Emirates plane to come at approx. 4:30am. Although browing here is a little expensive at Rs. 60/hr, its ok, by paying Rs. 60/- i will be able to spend 1 hour rather than just sit and wait. i didn't carry any book also thinking that i will be in the plane and will get magazines to read.

the whole flying experience is not particularly interesting, but i am going to a visit two new places and that is a little exciting.