By Richard Hsu
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Dec 22, 2013 (midnight)

For all day today, we did not have electricity at home due to power outage caused by icy weather conditions. It was a unique experience for us, having long forgotten what it is like not to have electricity and all that it enables.

Fortunately, we had gas so we could have breakfast and coffee to start the day but soon after that, we headed out to the mall where we expected all things under one roof. Electricity, food, shopping and generally suited for passing hours of our day till, what we hoped for, the evening when power would get restored at home.

As it was a wide spread power outage in the city, we soon learned that it would take as long as 72 hours for power to get restored to over 250,000 houses that lost power in Toronto. We also heard of the possibility of emergency being called if things got worse (not sure what it means though).

Tired from sitting and doing nothing in the mall, we decided to get back home. To our pleasant surprise, the temperature inside was a liveable 16 degrees Celsius while it was about 2 degrees outside. The rest of the evening was spent with the pleasure of the company of our friendly neighbours and candle light dinner.

As I write this, I hear a generator running outside but see all dark. It has been fun experiencing a day without power but I look forward to going back to the normal (miss the TV and Internet already).