By Richard Hsu
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Eight years ago, I subscribed to daily Toronto Star newspaper. I still remember that evening... A lady with a small table full of Toronto Star newspapers greeted us at the lobby of the apartment. She offered $1/week subscription plus a gift and I was sold. I got a chess set (pieces were plastic but looked like glass) and years of great news, opinions, knowledge and recommendations. I enjoyed reading Toronto Star and still do.

There were phases where I would read a lot of it daily, and then there were also weeks it went unread. For over a year now, since I got the iPad, the paper goes straight into the recycle bin more than to the breakfast table or the bathroom (my favourite reading place). Many times, I have considered cancelling it but changed my mind. I still read Toronto Star, but more using the computer or iPad.

The reading experience on computer or iPad is not as good as the printed version but the amount of unread paper I put into the recycle bin makes me feel guilty. So this week, I finally cancelled the subscription to the Toronto Star newspaper. Instead, I opted for monthly Digital Access subscription that gives full access to thestar.com including a Replica Edition (digital version of the newspaper).

I am buying or borrowing eBooks more than paper versions as well. There is a practical convenience to digital reading but I cannot help but feel sad about the trend away from printed paper. This feels more like a good bye to an old friend than anything else.

Last edited on Mar 13 2014 - Minor changes.