By Richard Hsu
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Being Sick

Jan 26th, 2015.

I am sick again. It has been over 10 days now that I am suffering soar throat, fever, shivering, stuffy nose, and cough. It was the same in last month. After a few days of pain, I saw the doctor, got 10 days of antibiotic medicine and I was better. This time, I tried to fight it but gave up yesterday morning and got another round of antibiotic medicines from the doctor.

When you have soar throat, you have difficulty sleeping, eating, talking, and because you don't sleep well, you can't work and feel drowsy and slow all the time. What is worse than soar throat? Sneezing with soar throat. It causes maximum pain and jangles my brain so much I see stars (yes, like the cartoons). It sucks!

But, I have a caring wife, understanding kids, flexible employer, and excellent healthcare so I can take time off and get well. I am lucky. Others fall sick too, and many have worse health problems but they may not be as lucky as I am.