A Lengthy Reboot

By Richard Hsu
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Social Distancing

I went to the grocery store yesterday.

Things I touched

  • The letterbox (posted a survey from Costco1)
  • The shopping cart
  • All the items I picked up
  • Fridge door for the milk
  • Fridge door for the ice cream
  • Plastic divider at the checkout counter2
  • The chain to link the shopping carts

The local grocery store is relatively smaller so there are many narrow corners and aisles. I was within 3 feet of people a few times.

I sanitized my hands at the entrance, sanitized it again after I returned the cart.

At the checkout counter, I felt itchy on my cheek and scratched it, then realized the horror of what I did 😨.

After reaching home, I looked at all the food items and wondered: how do I sanitize them?! I didn't.

We touch so many things that are touched by others. Unless we completely stop going out or accepting deliveries, I can't think of a way to avoid it. I guess it is a matter of reducing probabilities. No wonder the US and Canada are heading towards mass infections and deaths.

  1. Costco wanted to know how my recent return was. 

  2. Wasn't necessary as they were only letting one person place items on the conveyer belt.