By Richard Hsu
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The One Thing That Really Sucks in Canada

Ever since arriving here I've tried tea from different places. One word - sucks.

Today, I tried it again, from Tim Horton's. I didn't get much sleep or rest for last 2 days and had a coffee in the morning to keep my eyes open. It worked for only a few hours, again my eyes were getting all sleepy and wet, I needed another coffee. But realising that 2 coffees would be too much for a day, I went with tea instead, 'steeped' tea to be more precise [as if its any different]. Steeped tea is suppose to be brewed tea just like we have in India vs. the tea bag style.

One sip of the tea and again, it sucks. Its just like the tea one gets on the train in India, but the train chaloo chai costs only Rs 4/- or Rs. 5/- per cup while this one costs me INR 40/-!! and its from the No. 1 coffee seller in Canada.

The tea we make at home is definitely much better, still not like the milky bihari-style chai we get in Anmol or from that place in Behala near our shoe shop.

Lesson of the day, don't pay for tea in Canada, have coffee instead.