By Richard Hsu
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Kids. I often look at others who have grown up kids and wonder when will mine grow up so they are not as dependent on me as they are now. As with anything, I am only looking at the half glass full. The idea that I can leave them behind at home by themselves or they can go to other places by themselves seem very appealing. Think about all the freedom and time I will have!

But I am often also told that the age my kids are in is the best by parents with teenage or older kids. I still remember a fellow passenger telling me that he still remembers one summer day he spent with his daugher who was 2-3 years at the time (his daughter goes to university now). As he was telling me, I can see him get lost in nostalgia reliving that day for a little bit in his mind. He was all smiles and happy and I can see he would not mind going back to that time at all.

I am there now.