By Richard Hsu
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Funny Chinglish

Following is an extract from "The Young Explorer" by Horatio Alger :-

In this part, a group of american gold miners are bullying and questioning a Mongolian [generalised by the author as a Chinaman]. The funny part is about the way a Mongolian [and indeed a Chinese] speaks english.

Irish-American : "...Where do you come from?"

Mongolian [named Ki Sing] : "Me come from 'Flisco." [Its suppose to be 'frisco', short for San Francisco]

It is well known that a Chinaman cannot pronounce the letter r,

which in his mouth softens to l, in some cases producing a ludicrous effect.

"What have you come here for, Cy King, or whatever your name is."

"My name Ki Sing."

"Well, it's a haythen name; anyhow," remarked Mr. Patrick O'Reilly.

"Before I'd have such a name, I'd go widout one intirely. Did you

hear the gintleman ask you what you came here for?"

"You bling me," answered Ki Sing shrewdly.

There was another laugh.

"That Chinee ain't no fool!" said Dick Roberts.

"What made you leave China?" he asked.

"Me come to Amelica fol gold."

"Hi, ho! That's it, is it? What are you going to do with your gold

when you find it?"

"Cally it back to China."

"And when you've callied it back, what'll you do then?"

"Me mally wife, have good time and plenty money to buy lice."