By Richard Hsu
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The Joy of Reading Stories

I am subscribed to WordSmith's A Word A Day and today's word was Horatio Alger. That's not the reason for this post, the interesting part is that the mail had a link to an eBook which had Horatio Alger's stories. I don't know exactly what made me go to the next page and download the "The Young Explorer". So far, I've read only the first chapter and its so much fun. Its a book a child can read. Simple and very interesting, reminds me of my young self. :-)

Here is something I find the most interesting in chapter 1: Ben, a boy of 16 says to his Uncle "I want to go to California."

I am curious and excited about what young Ben will do in California, how he'll survive alone, the people he'll meet and the trials & tribulations that he'll go through to find his fortune.

I am child at heart and there's a smile on my face, just like a child who has got a new toy to play with.