A Lengthy Reboot

By Richard Hsu
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Happened Today

These things happened today.


Adele: Dad, now my knee hurts.
Me: What about your thigh? Is it better?
Adele: Thigh doesn’t hurt anymore.
Me: At least it’s going down.


I stopped the car right in front of the busy Costco entrance to load things. I thought it would be a 2 seconds pit stop, but it took longer.

Dumb idea. All cars behind me had to go around.

One dude in a Mercedes Benz SUV yelled at me as he made the pass: What The F@&$ Man!


I dreaded returning the swimsuit at Costco on a Saturday morning. Instead of a 20 people queue, I was surprised to see only one person in front of me!

I asked the Costco guy walking by: "What happened? No lines?"

He said: "They knew you were coming."