By Richard Hsu
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Sherwood Shed

Here are some comments on Sherwood 6' X 8' Garden Shed from Home Depot (Price: $699 + Base will cost another $200 or so)

More details at http://www.homedepot.ca/product/sherwood-6-x-8-garden-shed/934835

  • Don't use the included deck wood. They are soft and curved and not well treated. Instead buy Pressure Treated 2x4 or 2x6 from Home Depot or other stores.
  • Don't use the included nails for the decking. It does not hold well. Use decking screws instead.
  • In general, consider using screws throughout instead of nails especially where you are unsure if things will fit properly or not (all walls). Nails are not easy to take out if you have to readjust and it could damage the sheathing. We used screws for the corners. When we were sure of the fit and square, we used nails for the rest.
  • Use a lot of braces to ensure walls are square.
  • Follow instructions carefully and in order.
  • Pay attention to the offsets. The offsets are essential. We put the front and back walls flush ignoring the offset and spent a lot of time redoing it mainly due to the nails. Hence, the above advise on using screws.

Time to build: 1 day Manpower: 1 professional, 1 professional who doesn't do it for a living and two unskilled helpers. I am one of the two unskilled helpers.

Sherwood Shed is well designed and the materials and instructions are good. The price is also reasonable. I would recommend it.