By Richard Hsu
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Procrastinating Gloriously

I spent the whole Sunday basically in the hotel room, watching TV, reading a little about Dianetics, browsing internet. All these activity had a common objective: kill time.

I wonder if its normal that I just cannot do anything other than sit back and "kill time"?

Sometime back, I would spend a lot of time at the computer either writing or reading about technology or programming. I enjoyed that a lot. Then there is photography. The fact that I did not making many photos in New York City shows the lack of drive in me for framing things. Maybe just relaxing is also normal. Maybe its something everybody does often. Its just that with me, I had been super occupied with things (including on weekends) and now this slow down is making me feel like I am missing something. It feels like I am becoming very lazy (I have always complained about this). Lately, one thing has surfaced which probably people already noticed:

I am very indecisive.

I keep changing my plans (due to the tendency to procrastinate). Procrastination was a problem (which I confuse with laziness) but the effect of it only came to my realisation recently.

Case in point:- One day before I was scheduled to travel to New York City, I had three things to do:- a) Buy an $11 Labtec PC headset for voice chat (the current one does not work), b) Buy a SD memory card for my camera (my current one is only 128mb), c) Get a hair cut (I couldn't land at the airport and hotel with my very obvious uncut & unkempt hairdo)

My plan was to leave office early at 5.30pm (my scheduled time which I never follow), go to Canada Computers near Yonge & Finch, buy the PC headset & memory card, then go over to China Town on Spadina, get the $5 haircut and buy Vietnam sandwich which Caroline loves. The Vietnam sandwich was not officially in my list but Caroline loves it. It was good till it came to execution. At 6pm I was still in office having already decided that I would go home in Mike's car (Mike is my colleague). Mike does not go anywhere near Yonge & Finch. Procrastination at its best. I had already switched to "Plan B". Plan B was to go to Future Shop near Warden & Eglinton and buy the PC headset and .. well.. get haircut somewhere. The reason I made a plan earlier to go to Chinatown for haircut is that the hair cutting shops near my residence closes at or before 7pm (I reach home earliest at 7.45pm). The Vietnam sandwich had already been tossed out of the to-do list at this point (shame on me, Caroline was expecting it).

Anyways, at this point I had no idea where I would have the haircut (neither did my friend Mike who gets his hair trimmed by his wife). For the PC headset, we went to the nearby Future Shop and because there was no $11 Labtec there, I ended up buying a Plantronics $40 headset (typical impulsive decision that costs me extra money). I got a good deal on the SD memory card so that offset it a little bit.

At this point, I got a) & b) done. What is left is c) Hair Cut..

Coming up soon....