By Richard Hsu
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6 Digits

6 digits weigh heavily on me. never imagined that i would have six digits on the left column. although irrelevant now, i still find myself wondering if its all worth it ? things like this touch on the core and base of our thinking, our reasons, of course the reason still stands, so i continue on this unknown path, its almost a gamble, yet i find myself optimistic. God only knows what mental torment i go through at times, knowing that i have worked very hard for what i have today, the opportunities, recognition, reputation, all of which i am trading for an unknown, extremely expensive venture.

there is a word in Hindi - "Aukaat", i am trying things way beyond my "Aukaat", this is something i have never done before, all my life, its always been about staying true to my standing. Yet, now i have 6 digits. My staying still since my birthday this year has only added to the weight. Its like burning a candle from one side and not adding wax at the other side, worse now and then, i do burn it from the other side as well!!

I pray to God to keep me smiling whatever happens. :-)