By Richard Hsu
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Soccer Mania

The world cup starts this Friday and I ordered an addition to my cable TV package today.

Here in Toronto, the World Cup will be covered by 3 channels out of which I had 2 already. But, as a die hard Brazil team supporter, I had to order the 3rd one so that I don't miss any of the Ronaldo-Ronaldinho action. I will not be watching the Monday to Saturday matches live as I will be at work :-( but hopefully, no one at work will discuss the results with me and I can enjoy the repeat telecasts [or what is called 'encore' here] as good as live.

Watching and following world cup alone [Caroline is not much of a sports fan] will not be the same as back home in India where every one at home and in the city will be jumping up and down and ohh and aahing and cursing together.. Soccer, if its not already, will be the prime source of gossip and debate in Kolkata and I will miss that.

Soccer world cup is the most watched TV event in the whole wide world but I am not sure how people in Toronto follow it. Will find out and report back.

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